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I have often asked myself: Is art essential to life, like food, water and shelter? At first my answer was no. But this did not feel right, because on a feeling level it is essential to me. Then I realized that I was assuming a very narrow description of life as simply existence. When I started to look at life more broadly one of the things that became blatantly evident is that life cannot be stagnant.  It seems to me that at the very center of life is the desire to move and evolve. It seems that our very existence depends on our ability to be creative. This creativity takes many forms, like the sciences, that explore the many sides of our existence and evolution. However, to me, it feels like we as a society have put so much stock into the tangible product that the prevailing tendency is to marginalize the intangible and ethereal. In my opinion, in doing so we are ignoring the very force that drives us. It is like saying the results of creativity, the products, are more important than the desire or drive to be creative.  With out the spark, the desire and the questioning, creativity is impossible. Both are essential for moving forward. It feels to me that it is these intangible qualities that artists are so often exploring in them selves and sharing through their work. There are many qualities and truths that simply cannot be explained yet inspired art can impart a feeling that triggers that exploration and understanding in others. I believe that this is a very crucial part of development both for the individual and society as a whole.  Today, I believe, art is needed more than ever to help bring back a balanced approach to life within to our society.


The studio is located in the mountains of beautiful southeastern Utah. It is an inspiring place to live and work.  The studio grew out of my desire to have a environment in which I could create and evolve as an artist. As I evolve and change so does my studio. My studio reflects the many inspirations in my life, including my friends and family, ideas and feelings that have been shared with me, the environment in which I live and the influences of the ongoing projects, ideas and feelings that pass through this studio.

As an artist I love to work in just about all medias, as each piece of art has its own unique inspiration which yearns to be in the media that expresses it to its fullest. Currently my studio is set up for forging and casting various metals, woodworking, stone carving, and some limited glasswork and ceramic. It is still evolving. I have had numerous request from people to apprentice or study with me. I am working on making this possible for people who are serious about sculpture. Currently this is possible only on  a very limited scale.


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About the Artist and Studio

To read more about Ekaterina Tatarovich Harrison and too see more pictures visit Melissa Palfreyman’s blog at


Melissa Palfreyman is an accomplished photographer, whose work is really worth seeing.

To see my sculpture Mirage at the grounds for Sculpture click here http://groundsforsculpture.org/c_ktatarovich.htm?phpMyAdmin=rx8QRmkftsxKCJORMPMdrElzfme

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